Karla Delgado for 310 Furor

Karla Delgado for 310 Furor

Karla Delgado for 310 Furor

08:00 19 February in Blog, Shot at FD Photo Studio

Karla Delgado for 310 Furor   Karla Delgado for 310 Furor   Karla Delgado for 310 Furor   Karla Delgado for 310 Furor

Karla Delgado and here team were in shooting a lookbook for her fashion company 310 Furor. The team used Stage A to create this elegant look. She says, “Instead of the usual white paper background we went for a more simple modern studio loft look for the new catalog collection. Set was perfect, everything worked out 100%.”


“310 Furor was created by LA’s fashion photographer Karla Delgado, who cherishes her mantra: “Style is all about being yourself and having fun.” This trendy artist fuses her passion for style and meticulous eye for detail through her work and selections, which echoes this idea of living, breathing and defining a lifestyle with excitement, color, and impenetrable sex appeal.”

“310 Furor is an eclectic online boutique that not only offers you selective fashion forward staples, but gives you an inside scoop on Karla’s photo shoots, her line of models captured in the hottest pieces, her favorite tunes, and weekly fashion blogs for a ride into all the glitz and glam!  310 Furor invites you to be part of the breathtaking experience, as it will be your ultimate online shopping store and source of entertainment.”

Karla Delgado is an LA based professional fashion photographer. She has a wonderful website that I suggest looking at HERE, or you can connect on INSTAGRAM. Information about 310 Furor, and some of their work can be seen HERE.

Stage A was used for the shoot. A great space to shoot natural light, it offers a wonderful north-facing view of the city. The stage also comes equipped with all the studio lighting and backdrop equipment featured in our other studios. Take a closer look at this awesome space HERE!

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