Ideas For Your Photography.

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Ideas For Your Photography.

16:42 14 August in Blog, Photography Blog

Have you ever though that your simple images are too plain?

How many times you have shot a heavily made up model with a soft light and against simple background? How many times you have shot a model demonstrating some newest outfit, but surrounded by emptiness or just a shadow.

Often, playing with light and shadow is fun and can create great composition, attitude and grace. But what if you are tired of it?

There is a decision – add some props in the frame! Tell the viewers a story with your photograph, make our eyes wander around your image.

Even a product commercial frame can be supported with a prop. Just think, our photo studio is in the heart of flower district, so there are so many flowers and garden-related items to get!

So I found these flower-y classy shoes and got an idea to surround them by the same kind of flowers and a butterfly sitting on a shoe. I did not want to include a model at all.

Finding the same flowers did not take a lot of time, there are PLENTY PLENTY of flower shops around FD Photo Studio. Finding the right butterfly took a little longer. I spent about $50 for both flowers and a set of butterflies.


For another shot I had a smaller budget and again, with no model, I decided to create some texture in the frame with some fog. Thanks God there is a fog-machine available for an affordable rate. What is more,  there are 7″ reflectors and color gels that actually come with your photo studio rental, just ask!

FD Photo Studio C-stand with alien bees head and 7'' reflector

FD Photo Studio C-stand with alien bees head and 7” reflector

I used yellow gel coming from behind left and a blue gel from front right. Looks great to me.



If you would like to include a model in your picture, think of what kind of object can support the image, the atmosphere and/or the background your are trying to create. It can be anything, starting from a vintage furniture to a contemporary hi-end accessory.costume_photo_shoot

You are welcome to request a fog-machine for just a little extra or ask for 7” reflectors and color gels, they are already included in your photo studio rent. Of course, 3D looking grass backdrop (wall and floor) comes with the rental as well.



Rent our Studio starting at $24.99, including Lightning & Grip Equipment