How to Rent a Studio? Tips.


How to Rent a Studio? Tips.

11:03 25 July in Studio News

You feel confident about your photography and want to try renting out a photography studio? We are here for you! Don’t be scared and it’s not that complicated after all. Here are some useful tips for renting with FD Photo Studio!

1. If you would like to scout our studios, do it prior to your shoot. Check out the calendar to see the availability for checking. We will gladly show the space to you according to the availability.

2. Think of what kind of lighting you are going for, create a lighting set-up in your mind before hand. You can sketch it or print the reference images for you to look at and compare during your shoot.

3. Plan ahead. Confirm, double and tripple confirm with your team. Things happen, but to avoid cancellations and no shows think of your possible options. Have a plan B. It’s a pity to see shoots getting cancelled because of the model’s or somebody else’s no show. Make your team understand that this is as important for you as it is for them.

rent a photography studio_01 rent a photography studio_02

4.  Arrive on time or 10-15 minutes before your booking time. You don’t have to arrive half an hour or an hour before or any time earlier (the studio might be still closed or your stage still occupied). If you are running late, call us and let us know 323.454.2323.

5. Sign the rental agreement and make a payment upon arrival at the photo studio. No deposit is required!

6. Use a wireless sync system. Professional photographers and photo studios use wireless strobe sync systems, it helps to stay mobile and move freely during the shoot. Big plus, the sync system is already included in your rent of photography studio! 

renta photography studio_sync system_receiver rent a photography studio_sync system_wireless trigger


7. Plug the lights in (regular household plug), turn them on (the switch on the back of a light), set your lighting and start shooting. Three heads are already included in your rent!

rent a photography studio_alien bees 800_1 rent a photography studio_alien bees 800_2

8. Try shooting tethered or check the images on the computer, because everything and everybody looks good on a small screen.

9. Keep in mind it usually takes 20-30 minutes (or more for bigger sets) to clean up and pack, so factor it in your time for a better photo studio rental experience. Neither we nor the next team like to rush you or keep bugging you reminding your time frame, so please be courteous and respectful to others.

10. Ask questions! We are here to help, so don’t feel stupid or embarrassed – we all started from nowhere. Remember, that Auto mode will not work for the studio session, it has to be Manual with special settings. So if you are completely new to strobes and never ever shot with them, we recommend you to take our beginner photo studio workshop (a private session can be scheduled).

11. Enjoy your shoot, love what you do and be grateful to your team and you will get the maximum of your photo studio rental!


Rent our Studio starting at $24.99, including Lightning & Grip Equipment