FD Photo Studio: Change of Prices

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FD Photo Studio: Change of Prices

10:40 01 July in Studio News

Hey guys, due to high demand and new features of stage C, we had to raise the prices just a bit, only $5 for stages A and B on the weekends. Stage C became only $10 more, but it has a new 19ft Cyc-wall + a green grass wall and floor, for those bright summer-time photoshoots.

So stages A and B are kept at the same prices during the week

A, B weekdays

Their new prices for Stage A and B on weekends

A, B weekends


New price for Stage C during weekdays

C weekday


And Stage C again on the weekends

C weekend


Find out what’s included and some other terms here www.fdphotostudio.com , choose rent studio and then Stage!


Rent our Studio starting at $24.99, including Lightning & Grip Equipment