Fashion for a Cause

Fashion for a Cause

Fashion for a Cause

08:00 24 January in Blog, Shot at FD Photo Studio

Fashion for a Cause Fashion for a Cause

Perspectives, a clothing and apparel company, was in the studio making some very clean images for their clothing line. The crew took full advantage of our cyclorama wall in Stage C, and their shots turned out uncluttered and sharp.

Perspectives has this to say about their clothing, “Each day there is brokenness that we see but often fail to recognize. In today’s rapidly changing society, where distractions are so present, we can become blind to the darkness, pain, and injustice all around and within us. At Perspectives, we strive to shine a light on this brokenness and actively acknowledge the injustice in the world.” Their WEBSITE has more information about their mission, as well as how you can help support non-profits around the world by getting involved with their product.

California based photographer Robert Meeks was behind the camera for the shoot. Take a look at his WEBSITE or INSTAGRAM to see more.

The team used Stage C for their shoot. Featuring a 19ft cyc wall, lots of daylight, and the ability to be blacked out; Stage C is a fantastic, HUGE, space with lots of versatility.

Fashion for a Cause Fashion for a Cause


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