Fashion Photography – Elena Petrova “Envy”

Fashion Photography - Elena Petrova "Envy"

Fashion Photography – Elena Petrova “Envy”

12:09 30 December in Shot at FD Photo Studio

A fashion photographer, Elena Petrova, who recently graduated from UCLA Visual Arts program created those images regarding the concept of “envy” at FD Photo Studio.

A girl in a dollhouse, dressed nicely.  She has everything but is boxed in her little world. Though the window, enviously, she’s looking at another girl, dancing and feeling free. 


About Photographer

Elena Petrova

Born in Leningrad, USSR (currently Saint Petersburg, Russia) and graduated from Saint Petersburg State University with a Masters Degree in journalism in 2006. She now lives in the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles, following her dreams and enjoying life with her two sons. She graduated from UCLA’s department of Visual Arts with a certificate in Photography in 2014. “I dream in Russian, feel in French, and speak in fluent English,” Elena says.

Fashion Photography - Elena Petrova "Envy"Fashion Photography - Elena Petrova "Envy"

Photographer and Concept – Elena Petrova

Producer – Saman Aledavoud

MUA – Justine Reilly

Stylist – Alissa Cargile

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