Edden “Electrisée” Clip Officiel – Shot at FD Photo Studio

Edden “Electrisée” Clip Officiel – Shot at FD Photo Studio

12:31 19 May in Shot at FD Photo Studio

Produced by Jeremy Ecoffet – Born to dream

Video Produced by Evercom Studios

Executive Producer Fabien Hameline for Garance Pictures

Directed by Sebastien Rossi Guest Musicians – Ahmad Alkurabi – Bobby Amaro – Fabien Hameline

Make up Artist – David Miranda

Camera A / 1st AC – Morgan White

Camera B / 1st AC – Nathaniel Fu

Set Photographer – Adam Lee

From the official website: Aurélie M. aged 25, born in Nièvre, went to live in the Maritime Alps at the age of 18 to pursue her studies and the opportunity to integrate several Rock formations in the region. Starting singing lessons from 18 years, it is very quickly out singing in bars and rooms accompanied by musicians under the artist name “Dollie”. In 2011, she participated in an audition for the Born To Dream label looking for a performer for a Rock project. Dollie is selected and thus “Edden” was born – a progressive rock band new trend with texts in French, along with her producer Jeremy Ecoffet and Sebastien Benito songwriter who is the lead guitarist. Edden made ​​their first single “electrified” in the recording studio of Matthew Tosi. It masterfully arranges the title and gives it its radio while retaining the sound energy of the group.

The video for “Electrified” by Sebastien Rossi is just stunning. Filmed on the roof of FD Photo Studio in Los Angeles it captures the universe and the plastic of Edden!

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