David Apeji for Fantastics Magazine

David Apeji for Fantastics Magazine

David Apeji for Fantastics Magazine

08:00 25 March in Blog, Shot at FD Photo Studio

David Apeji was shooting in Pro Stage I, making this wonderful set for Fantastics Magazine. With his team and model, Nelita Villezon, they were able to create an excellent, quality editorial spread.

David Apeji for Fantastics Magazine   David Apeji for Fantastics Magazine

Arizona based photographer David Apeji heads his company, Pixyst. “Pixyst is dedicated to providing clients with the highest quality of photographic services, ranging from portraiture and lifestyle photography to commercial photo shoots, with a commitment to capturing each moment, expression, or product with efficiency and excellence.” Take a look at more of his work on his WEBSITE, or via INSTAGRAM.

David Apeji for Fantastics MagazineNelita Villezon is an agency represented model, accomplished athlete, and owner of LA based fitness apparel company Viebrant Athletics. You can find more information and connect with her HERE.

Pro Stage I is one of FD’s larger studio’s, featuring large frameless north-facing windows with lots of beautiful natural light. The stage also features a large CYC wall, as well as studio paper backdrops, studio strobes, and the light modifiers you need to make beautiful images. Take a closer look at Pro Stage I HERE.

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