“Color Block” by Kat Purgal

Color Block by Kat Purgal

“Color Block” by Kat Purgal

08:00 21 January in Blog, Shot at FD Photo Studio

Color Block by Kat PurgalKat Purgal was in the studio using some bold colors to create her series entitled “Color Block.” Purgal is a Los Angeles based actor, filmmaker, and photographer. She explains:

“I love photographing women – to me, they exude power and strength.  Photo shoots are akin to making mini-movies — between the costumes, the make-up, and what you are trying to convey but only with a single image. For me, shooting in between acting gigs is just exercising that creative muscle. It’s all intertwined.”Color Block by Kat Purgal

Visit Kat’s portfolio HERE to see more of the series, as well as to view more of her striking work.

Angela Alessi was responsible for hair and makeup during the shoot. Angela, also working out of LA, has a very impressive track record within the entertainment industry, and boasts some very exciting credentials. To view her work and learn more, please visit her WEBSITE.

The shoot was done in Stage B, which has now been completely blacked out. This unique new feature gives photographers full control of their studio lighting, without having to worry about ambient light or reflections off of white walls. Take a look at Stage B on our website!

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