APA LA – Beauty Retouching Workshop

APA LA - Beauty Retouching Workshop

APA LA – Beauty Retouching Workshop

11:39 05 November in Blog, Studio News

Looking to step up your retouching, or just learn some new tricks to work with? APA (American Photographic Artists) Los Angeles will be holding some amazing workshops throughout November, and FD Photo Studio is happy to announce that our studio will be the venue for Beauty Retouching Secrets of the Pros.

APA LA - Beauty Retouching WorkshopThe workshop will be held on Saturday, November 14th 2015 from 9am-1pm. It will take place in Pro Stage II. For more information about the event, cost, how to sign up, etc. – Please follow this link: http://www.apa-la.org/Upcoming-APA-LA-Events-Photography-Worshops/

About the event: “Master retouchers Carolyn Winslow and Dennis Dunbar will be sharing many of their beauty retouching secrets in our Nov 14th workshop. They’ll take you through their standard beauty retouching workflows highlighting the steps they use when working on high end images. Carolyn and Dennis will also talk about “Perfect Skin” and how to achieve it. They’ll dedicate a section of time to discuss Burning and Dodging, and focus on the eyes, how to deal with lines around them, sharpen them, bring a touch of highlight to them and how to enhance the color.

Continuing with the sharing they’ll discuss color correction, enhancing the lighting and how to add glow to skin giving it a beautiful, iridescent quality.

Don’t miss this chance to get a close up look at just how the pros achieve the high end results clients love!”

Be sure to check out the APA LA website HERE for more information about the organization – and even more great workshops!



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