5 LA Photographers Worth Looking At

5 LA Photographers: Part One

5 LA Photographers Worth Looking At

08:00 08 April in Blog, Photography Blog

The first installment of this list includes 5 photographers in the Los Angeles area that we’ve had the pleasure of hosting at FD Photo Studio, in NO particular order. Check out the work of these amazing artists to gain some inspiration, and see what’s being done at the studio.


5 LA Photographers: Part One Jabari Jacobs



1. Jabari Jacobs has an extensive client list, and a portfolio full of amazing, innovative images, utilizing color and clever use of space and props. View his website here: http://www.jabarijacobs.com/ or connect on INSTAGRAM.




5 LA Photographers: Part One Dreamstate Photos



2. Dreamstate Photos is a master of natural light and has a large body of stunning work. “DREAMSTATEPHOTOS in Southern California is passionate about photographing people and light at their most beautiful.” Take a look at: http://www.dreamstatephotos.com/ or via INSTAGRAM.


5 LA Photographers: Part One MOISNOMOIS



3. MOISNOMOIS, if you have been in the studio you’ve most likely met, many know him as Alex. With a highly polished portfolio full of strikingly refined and quality images, a trip over to his website is well worth it: http://www.moisnomois.com/ and visit INSTAGRAM for more.




5 LA Photographers: Part One Chris Fitzgerald


4. Chris Fitzgerald has a book packed full of truthful and evoking, beautiful images. “I’m a Los Angeles based fashion and portrait photographer specializing in raw, intense, telling images, often with an erotic edge.  As a former tattoo artist, punk band screamer, and native of Memphis, Tennessee, I often pull from these life experiences to create powerful, honest and impactful images that people remember.” Head over to Chris’s website to see his work: http://cultnoir.com/ or link on INSTAGRAM.



5 LA Photographers: Part One Ballet Zaida



5. Ballet Zaida is an ongoing fine art project by Oliver Endahl. The work that Oliver does is packed full or energy and intensity, coupled with the elegant rhythm and delicacy of ballet. “The purpose of Ballet Zaida is to expose the world to ballet, and to evolve the art of ballet itself.” Visit the website to view Ballet Zaida’s work: http://balletzaida.com/ and be sure to connect on INSTAGRAM.



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