3 New Stages Opening Soon!

FD Photo Studio Pro Stages with Cyc wall

3 New Stages Opening Soon!

04:10 04 October in Studio News

We are happy to announce that 3 new stages will be opening on this week – October 8, 2014

All three will be equipped with new floor-to-ceiling curved Cyc Walls, and comes with our package of strobes, light stands,  backdrops, wireless sync –  Included at No extra charge!

Both Pro Stage I and Pro Stage II have a central Heat-Ventilation-AC units and a separate bathroom for each stage. The walls between stages has additional soundproofing added and thick drywall installed, plus new windows block a lot of sounds from the street – it will come in handy when shooting a video or recording any sound projects.

Unfortunately we don’t have any photos of new stages yet, but we do have a floor plan and you’re always welcome to call us at 323-454-2323 and stop by to get a tour of  the stages.

Stage D, is located at our building on 530 E 8th Street and about 1800 sq.ft. with 2 North-facing and 2 West-facing matte windows. Very soft daylight and great diffused evening light.FD Photo Studio Stage D with Cyc wall

Pro Stage I – will be located at our new location in Downtown, at 224 E 11th Street. Size is slightly above 2800 sq.ft. with 5 Huge Frame-less clear windows facing north.FD Photo Studio Pro Stage 1 with Cyc wall

Pro Stage II is  around 2900 sq.ft. in size and located in our new building as well, has 1 large window and is more suitable when you need blackout stage and full control of the light.FD Photo Studio Pro Stage 2 with Cyc wall

All 3 new stages will have a special pricing in October. Call us or stop by to get more info.


Rent our Studio starting at $24.99, including Lightning & Grip Equipment