Headshots at FD Photo Studio

FD Photo Studio Headshots





Get your headshots done quick, easy and receive the photos ready for print and upload on the web the same day!


3 hours (2 hr shoot + 1 hr looking through the pictures/choosing the best)


YOU GET: 1-3 re-touched photos ready to print 8×10 AND sized for web

A web-sized gallery of all BEST photos of you (yours and photographer’s choice)

ONLY $250



6 hours (4 hr shoot + 2 hr working through the photos)


YOU GET: 3-5 re-touched photos ready to print 8×10 AND sized for web.

A web-sized gallery of ALL BEST photos of you (chosen by you and the photographer)

ONLY $300

Basic re-touch is included in the rates.

Fitting the shoot in YOUR SCHEDULE.

FREE consultation on make up, grooming and style!

Rates do not include make up artist, hair or stylist (we have some professionals we can recommend for almost any budget)



Additional photo re-touch

SIMPLE (adjusting brightness, exposure, contrast, few pimples/wrinkles) $15 per image

INTERMEDIATE ( SIMPLE + skin re-touch, burn & dodge) $25 per image

ADVANCED (INTERMEDIATE + liquefy tool, make up & hair correction, background enhancement) $35 per image

Additional hour of shooting $90

*All the files are transferred via dropbox/wetrasfer.com within 24 hours after the shoot.

**Photographer/re-toucher is not responsible for poorly made make up or hair.

Rent our Studio starting at $24.99, including Lightning & Grip Equipment